Hello. Welcome to Hard Body Bully Breeds/Hard Body KennelsNY. We are an official kennel located in Long Island, NY. I am an official dog breeder and lover. I've been involved with dogs all my life. Been involved in dog breeding for about 15 yrs. I've always been a fan of the short haired solid body breeds.
     I started out Breeding German rottweilers. One of the dames I'm working with now is a pure bred german rotty from the highly respected Otti Vom bloodline. Her mother and father are both EKC champions. We also breed top blue nose pits -- Gotti/Watchdog/Razors edge bloodlines -- and the Bordeau mastiffs ... and our exclusive Bully Boxhead and King Kato Bandogs ...

      These two new breeds are my prized possessions.  Years ago we purchased a Hungarian Bullmastiff straight from Hungary.  This Bullmastiff was a little unusual.  He was the only one out of the litter that had a slight bluish tint  in the muzzle. This even boggled the breeder because through all his years of breeding this well known respected bloodline, this has never occured -- they believe this trace of blue resurfaced from deep within the ancestry.  

     So of course we had to get our hands on that pup, which we did.  We won't talk about the price(LOL), which at the time sounded outrageous but ended up being an excellent investment. This pup was the key to our vision and the cornerstone to our foundation. We named him Blue. We then mated blue with two top breed American Bulldogs and the pups came out phenominal. Right then we knew we had it!!! We cross bred their pups and begot the Bully Boxhead!!! The ultimate dog. Which is now an official breed certified through the Animal Research Foundation. But we weren't done yet. We then bred the Bully Boxhead with my Bluenose American pitbull terrier and created the King Kato. These pups also came out gorgeous with excellent temperaments, also recognized by the Animal Research Foundation. 

      Both breeds have excellent temperaments and beautiful exotic looks, coming in various shades and colors. They've been known to be excellent working dogs, guard dogs, companions, and family dogs  (great with children). We haven't had one complaint yet and don't expect to. To learn more about these dogs read up and study the breeds we used to create them. And dont be fooled by any frauds claiming that they breed this breed, we are the only kennel with the official bloodline.  The first and the last. Remember if it's not Hard Body Bully Breeds it's not the real thing!!!   










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